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Why Buy a Business in Florida?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Why Florida?

Although Florida in well known for great beaches, theme parks, and beautiful golf courses, Florida is a great state for business. Florida is the 3rd largest state in the U.S, and also offers low corporate taxes and no personal income taxes! This is why Florida is so plentiful of businesses and business opportunities. Florida isn't just a place to vacation and retire, it's the place to start or buy your dream business. Below is some current business climate information sourced from:Enterprise Florida.

Florida’s Business Climate

With a large market and business-friendly legislature help companies reach their growth and expansion goals with ease, Florida has one of the most business friendly climate in the United States.

You can have peace-of-mind when you locate your business in Florida. The state’s favorable business tax structure, government policies and competitive costs make planning for future growth easy. Florida consistently ranks among the best states for business, thanks to its pro-business state tax policies, competitive cost of doing business and streamlined regulatory environment. The state is proud of its welcoming business climate and competitive advantages.

Business-friendly Government

Florida’s government and economic development leaders work together to ensure that the state’s business climate remains favorable to companies of all sizes, including some of the nation’s leading corporations. Florida is working on legislative, fiscal and marketplace initiatives such as insurance tort reform, targeted industry incentives and many more. Florida is also a right-to-work state.

Competitive Cost of Doing Business

Florida offers a cost-efficient alternative to other competitive high-tech states. Put simply, land, labor, and capital are more affordable in Florida than in California or New York, for example. In addition, for businesses in certain targeted industries or specialized locations, the state offers additional financial incentives. Businesses looking for workforce training, road infrastructure or specialized locations may also qualify for specific incentive programs.

Pro-Business Tax Structure

Business dollars go a lot farther in Florida given the state’s tax advantages, tax exemptions and no state personal income tax. Businesses thrive in this low-tax environment, and employees enjoy the benefit of no personal income tax.

Expedited Permitting

Florida understands that businesses need certainty, predictability and efficiency in government regulations. The state’s regulatory agencies and local governments provide quicker, less costly and more predictable permitting processes for significant economic development projects without reducing environmental standards.

Available Resources

Florida offers growing businesses access to capital from private, state, federal and other sources. The state has implemented capital formation initiatives, such as the Florida Opportunity Fund, and economic gardening programs that help Florida businesses expand by offering specialized services such as market information, leadership development, and business management tools.

To learn more about doing business in Florida, subscribe to the Buying a Florida Business Blog.

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